As many of you already know, last July 1st I announced my departure from Granada La Palma Coop. starting a professional and personal transition.

Ever since, I have received hundreds of calls and messages that displayed personal and professional appreciation for me and my future. I want to kindly thank you all for the warmth, friendship and professional consideration these communications profess.

I also want to fully explain (while thanking) the reasons not to accept the numerous job offers that were proposed to me in the last 2 months.

After a thoughtful brief period of time, today I start a new life journey and I have decided to build a personal Project that needs you all (ha, ha, I am holding you to your promises).

David Del Pino11

All scenarios are finally clear to try to create the largest applied innovation, knowledge, strategy, marketing, science, technique and technology platform that the produce business so badly need.

I have the ambition to put in practice everything that I have learnt in the past years and bring onboard all the produce value chain to build up a new business and relationship model for all.

I honestly believe that there are huge opportunities to develop a healthy, competitive and profitable business. Although to achieve success, we will jointly have to face tough decisions and overcome “old times’ mistrust”.

I want to become an agent of change and a facilitator in this new world. And do it, not anymore in only one company but in the whole industry. Time will tell, but today I go my own way following Saint Francis’ advice:

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Over the next few months, I and my partners will put in place the resources needed to build this new venture. Thru this channel I will keep you posted of the all new developments.