Dear all

Due to personal reasons I have decided to resign as the General Manager of Granada La Palma SCA.

The last 14 years have been an amazing adventure. Since year 2002, we more than double the company (+138 %) while improving the growers’ profitability. We have been also acknowledged as European leaders of the horticultural innovation.

And all this achieved meanwhile the sector was navigating an ultra-competitive and volatile environment.

To wave good-bye to this personal and professional life-project is, probably, one of the hardest decisions that I have ever taken, but I am tremendously proud to have been a part of it.

May this letter honor all those who have accompanied me in this 14 years’ adventure. I want to thank all those who have believed in me, all those that supported me and all those amazing hard-working individuals that gave the best of themselves to achieve the unthinkable goals we have set.

… And now I am ready to look for a new and exciting challenge.

David Del Pino