For those of you that don’t know who I am and what I do, please let me introduce myself…

I am the son of a grower that besides my lack of enthusiasm I ended up with an Agricultural Engineer Degree thanks to my parents relentless motivation and hard-working example.

While at the University I discovered my true passion for Trading, Sociology and finally Marketing. This was all that I really loved: the travels, meeting diverse people and understanding their motivations …and the food. Who doesn’t like the food?

I started my professional journey in the citrus industry in Spain and then I moved to the US to work in the trading of Fresh Produce in both logistics and sales positions.

Since I came back to Spain I have worked as a Salesman and added Masters’ degrees on Management, Trading and Marketing to my curriculum.

I was General Manager of a large growers’ cooperative in southeastern Spain and I have collaborated with 3 Universities and 2 Business Schools in Postgraduate Programs. I currently face the challenge to create the largest applied innovation, knowledge, strategy, marketing, science, technics and technology platform that the produce business so badly need.

I am 54 years old and live the Produce Business as an insider since I can remember (as a son of a grower, by academic degree and as a professional of Logistics, Quality Control, National & International Trading and finally Management).

And after all these experiences, I can now say that I am beginning to understand this business.

This Blog is about what I have learnt (and I hope to teach to others), about what I still do not know (and I hope others will enlighten me) and about openly writing about the daily business with a twist of sarcasm and wit (a personal solace).

David Del Pino