A “Disclaimer” is commonly understood as a statement that protects somebody from being legally responsible for something. But rather than avoid responsibility from what I write here I just want to focus it on my personal scope.

As some of you may know, this blog was up some time ago and I was compelled to close it because some readers identify my views with those of the company I represent.

In this new journey, I want to let everybody know that this is the place where I vent my personal opinions.

However, every exercised freedom comes with some rules that will be applied to the author and the readers:

  • Unless it is essential for the understanding of the blog-post, names of People or Companies will not be quoted.
  • There should be no aim to discredit Projects, Companies or People although free comments, disagreement and diverging opinions are specially welcome.
  • All comments from participants will be read and approved prior to their publication.

David Del Pino.